Planning to use a workflow engine?
GrailsFlow: Your Workflow just got easier!

GrailsFlow is an open source Workflow and Process Engine.
It is written using Groovy and Grails and can easily integrate with other Java, Groovy or Grails applications. Target usage of the system is for midsize applications with 10.000´s of processes in the application and hundreds of new processes per day.
Workflow engine supporting split, joins, delayed execution, arbitrary actions Simple web based editor Workflow description without external XML files Worklist manager
Complete workflow history of all processes Reporting facilities Support for internal actions Delayed execution Asynchronous webservices
Out of the box workflow and process management system Very simple structure Groovy based DSL UI for process definition, worklist management and process monitoring
Written with Groovy and Grails Engine, process definition and management tools No XML process definition Open source,
very liberal licence