GrailsFlow: Open source Workflow and Process Engine written in Grails

GrailsFlow is an open source Workflow and Process Engine. It is written using Groovy and Grails and can easily integrate with other Java, Groovy or Grails applicationas. GrailsFlow provides:

Version 1.7.4

The current Version of GrailsFlow already has most of the features and functions that will be in the final release of GrailsFlow.

GrailsFlow includes:


The application is written in Groovy and Grails. Process Definition are stored as plain Groovy classes, that fulfill certain coding conventions. The integration of GrailsFlow into Grails is in some respect similiar to the integration of Spring Webflow.

The target usage of the system is for midsize applications with 10.000's of processes in the application and hundreds of new processes per day. Currently it does not aim to be a solution to manage millions of processes per year, however the design would allow that.


GrailsFlow has been developed by jCatalog Software AG.

We would be glad to get any feedback, bug reports, sofware extensions or similiar. Currently, while the software is open source, we do not have an open repository, so send any comments, extensions and changes via email. You find the contact information here .


If you would like to understand, GrailsFlow, you first might want the check the demo.

Check the status to understand in more detail what has changed in GrailFlow, what has been implemented and what is on the roadmap.

Finally go on and download GrailsFlow. It still has some bugs and certain functions missing, however it is already used in production at the first customer sites.

If you plan to use a workflow engine, check out GrailsFlow now!