First Steps

First Steps

This following description will help you understand GrailsFlow and use some of it's functions.

As an example, we will use a "holiday approval process", where an employee is asking for holidays, his manager needs to decide, if he will get the requested holidays and the HR department will be notified to track the total number of holidays.

Login to the application using the "admin" account that is mentioned below the login form.

Now you see the home page of GrailsFlow. Select the menu item 'Start Process'. Imagine that you are an employee and you want to request holidays. In the list of available process definitions select the 'HolidayRequest' type and press the 'Start' link.

You see a request form. Please enter you name, e-mail address and request message. Then press the 'Send Request' button. Your holiday request will be sent to your manager. You see a form that tells you that the request was completed and currently is waiting for the manager's decision.

Imagine that you are the manager and you want to review all requests from your employees. In the demo workflow, the admin user acts as an employee, manager and HR person at the same time, so that you don't have to login and logout for this demo. Go to the 'Show Worklist' menu item. Here you see the request for holidays from an employee. Click on the request and see the form that contains the employee name, request message, area for your resolution notes and two buttons 'Approve' and 'Reject'.


You are a nice manager, so you want to approve this request. You can type in a note (in the resolution field), but this is only useful if you reject the request. Go on and press the 'Approve' button. A letter about the successful holiday approval would be sent to your employee.

Imagine that you are an HR-person. You need to record how many holidays each employee has used so far and if it is payable or not. Go to the 'Show Worklist' menu item. Here you have a list of approved holidays that you should take note of.

You see that the manager has approved the holidays. Click on the request link and see the form that contains the employee name, manager decision, manager notes and an input area for a log message.

You could enter a log, something like "approved; no critical projects at that time"

Then you press the 'Save log' button and you are done. The log message is saved and the workflow is completed.

To check this process, you can go to the 'List processes' menu item. Here you see in a list of started processes your 'HolidayRequest' process. You can review the process flow in a graphical form. This shows the steps that were executed, and steps that have not been executed yet.

To review the "holiday approval" process definition, please select the menu item 'Edit Process Types', select the process, and look at the definition.