The following sections explain how to install Grailsflow-demo application.


The following sections describes how to install the demo application.

  1. Download Grails from and install Groovy and Grails on your machine.
    e.g. install grails in c:\grails\
    Hint: make sure the environment variable GRAILS_HOME and PATH are set properly. (See
  2. Pay attention that demo application requires installation for several plugins and external libs (the same for Grailsflow-core plugin).  All necessary dependencies are listed in BuildConfig.groovy file (in application sources, the same file in grailsflow-core plugin sources) .                
  3. Run the application using 'grails run-app' command.
    e.g. cd \grails\grailsflow-demo
         grails run-app
    If you have a newer grails version installed, run the update e.g. grails update and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Access the application at http://localhost:8080/myapp-demo/ with your web browser and try it.


This product is based on Groovy and Grails. (